Chinese Ruins in Cape Breton?

tl_files/sites/ees/Images/news/barr-kellymtn.jpgOver a year ago, Dr. Sandra Barr participated in the filming of a documentary on the supposed Chinese ruins in Kellys Mountain in Cape Breton Island described by author Paul Chiasson in his book "The Island of Seven Cities". The documentary entitled "Mysterious Ruins: Cape Breton", produced by Ellis Entertainment Corporation, aired for the first time on the History Channel on December 11th.

Dr. Barr and archaeologist Dr. Stephen Davis (Professor Emeritus, Saint Mary's University) were invited to participate to provide expert opinion on the evidence (or lack thereof) for the existence of the ruins, which Paul Chiasson claims were made by Chinese visitors prior to the arrival of Columbus in the Americas.

During the filming of the documentary it was apparent to both Dr. Barr and Dr. Davis that no evidence exists on Kellys Mountain for the supposed "ruins", and both said so in the documentary, but their explanations are mostly ignored in the film. In particular, the rectangular supposed foundations for Chinese buildings are remnants of drilling platforms during exploration of the area in the late 1980s for possible development of a quarry on the mountain, and the supposed Chinese road was made by a bulldozer. Such basic facts were not included in the documentary, showing once again that one should not necessary believe everything one sees or hears in the media!

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